Resolutions for the next term

I'm not one for New Year's resolutions because I can't make year long commitments. So instead I've decided to come up with some changes for the next term at Oxford. Whether I manage to stick to them is another question entirely but it's good to start with the best of intentions. Edit lecture notes straight … Continue reading Resolutions for the next term


Oxford aka the reason why I haven’t posted enough

The blog has been dormant as my life is increasingly occupied by doing a lot of reading. Endless amounts of books and articles that I attempt to turn into somewhat decent 2000 word essays each week. There has been very little time but I have a small lull in my work which probably won't happen again … Continue reading Oxford aka the reason why I haven’t posted enough


Córdoba was definitely a must see during the internship and its close proximity via train or bus means it is pretty easy to get to from Sevilla. We took a train in the morning from Santa Justa station after cycling there. We travelled second class but it did feel like the first class carriages back in … Continue reading Córdoba


In Spain, there is a flamenco festival called Feria. Sevilla's Feria de Abril is one of the most famous and beautiful. Sevillians really do get into it. I work in a language school and during the week of Feria most children don't turn up so I was given an unexpected week off right at the … Continue reading Feria