The typical and difficult first post

To kick off my adventures into the blogosphere, I’m going to introduce myself. What better way to approach this awkward task than by using a list?

I love history.

I’ve studied it since I was 12 and it’s always been a favourite so I’m going to spend £9,250 a year to carry on because it’s difficult to imagine my life without it. I love a good history documentary and my guilty pleasures tend to be period dramas that are grossly inaccurate or camp. Downton Abbey I’m looking at you.

But I also love Art and Art History.

I nearly ended up studying Art History at university. It’s always something I’ll wonder about but I’m happy with my decision. I still try to keep Art in my life through visiting galleries. I used to study Art A Level which I loved because it let me improve my drawing and painting skills and think more creatively. Currently, I’m trying to get back into making art and salvaging everything I learnt in two years.

I have a lot passions that I need to put more effort into. 

Art can be included in this. But I have lots of other projects or aims that I want to fulfil during my gap year. Learning Spanish, running long distances and starting a blog are the more ambitious ones.

I’m Indian- sort of.

This is a tricky one that can’t fully be explored in a few lines. My parents are definitely Indian and I even spent five years of my life in India. We moved to the UK in the 90s and have been here ever since so I’m not sure what that makes me. ‘Second generation immigrant’  is probably the best term but of course it’s deeper than that.

I’m short -really short.

Not like in a 5″3 way. Frankly, I would be grateful to reach the 5 foot mark because I come in at 4″10.  This is quite amusing so I’ve been exposed to most short-jokes imaginable. People also feel the need to tell me I am short because apparently I don’t know it myself. This is greatest joke of all.

I would say I am a cat person but I appreciate a good doge meme.

My life and bed is shared by two furry critters by the name of Cookie and Casper who are the best things in life. There will be pictures later but for now you will have to trust me when I say they are adorable.

I love most animals so I’ve decided not to eat them anymore. 

Going veggie wasn’t a big dramatic change because I’d been considering it for a long time. I slowly started to cut down on my intake. My last non-vegetarian meal was a chicken stir fry on an aeroplane from American. Looking back, I should’ve made sure it was a nicer meal that wasn’t heated up in a metal box at 36,000 feet.

I went to a grammar school.

Again, this isn’t something I can fully discuss in a few lines because a lot happened. It’s made me who I am today and I am very grateful for having the opportunity to be educated at some of the best schools in the country. It was pressurised and towards the end, almost unbearable but I made it out alive with plenty of advice and study tips so you don’t make the same mistakes!

Documenting life is very important to me. 

This is probably the reason why I’ve decided to blog as it’s just another way of preserving memories. I have a diary and a bullet journal too which I know I will appreciate looking at in years time. Hopefully this blog can also be something to fondly look back at.


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