Adventure Begins…

After endless job applications, cover letters and Skype interviews riddled with technical difficulties, I got an amazing opportunity.

The opportunity to live and work in Seville for three months as an English Teaching Assistant. Flights, insurance and a shared flat were paid for. There was even a hundred euro living allowance for each week so signing my contract was a no brainer. I didn’t even think I had a chance to get it because it really was my first choice.

Before the offer, I had begun to feel a bit worried and downhearted because I had left both my jobs with no offers in sight. The furthest I had been on my gap year was the University of Warwick which definitely didn’t give any elephants and architecture worthy enough for the Insta. So you’ll be surprised to find out that I felt really daunted by it all.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so grateful for this internship but I’m 19 years old, with virtually no Spanish, living in a foreign country away from home for the first time in my life. I made countless to do lists and googled Seville but nothing really seemed to make me feel excited. I’m far from settled because I still get lost when going to buy vegetables (an hour of my life that I’ll never get back) but I feel much more excited about the next three months.

Packing was pretty last minute even by my standards. I had essentially dumped all my summer clothes into a suitcase and put it in my wardbrobe without much thought. Friday came along and I was feeling very, very stressed. I did a lot of folding which calmed me down but I realised that I really needed to sleep because the past week had been very busy. We had training days in London and after, I was always saying goodbye to friends and spending time with family.

At 6am on the day of the flight, I finally felt excited and realised that I would never really be ‘ready’ as such. I did some more haphazard packing and got my Dad to help me close my suitcase.  I slept during the journey but had one last coffee with my parents and took a really bad selfie at the airport. As I got deeper and deeper into the security queue my parents finally waved goodbye and disappeared. That’s when it struck me that it had really begun. My gap yah was going to quickly become more interesting so there was no excuse for a lack a blogging. This once in a lifetime opportunity shall make it onto the blogosphere. 


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