The Alcazar and The Mushrooms

Every Monday evening after 6pm, the Reales Alcazar has free entry for all. Get in the queue nice and early at 5:15 to really make the most of it. In my week off for the Feria (which I will talk about later) I decided to pop in for a visit. I work evenings so normally this wouldn’t be possible meaning I jumped at the opportunity.

I have been to the Alcazar and in fact Seville before and can say it is well worth the price. But when something so amazing is free, it’s something you HAVE to do. I loved to rediscover the parts of the palace and gardens that I had fallen in love with earlier.



Game of Thrones fans such as myself may recognise this place to be ‘Dorne’, you know the Water Gardens from season 5? Too bad they messed up the plot but that’s just my opinion…




Strangely, the thing that I love the most about the Alcazar is the amazing tile work. Geometric mosaics line all the surfaces of the palace and you feel dizzied by the beautiful patterns and colours.


The best example is the ceiling that made me trip over because I kept staring at it. Forgive the blurriness, it was a bit dark.



There are also the pinky- purple flowers you can see throughout Sevilla in the springtime.


When the gardens get too hot you can cool off in the underground bathrooms.


The Alcazar is Old Sevilla which totally contrasts the Mushrooms or ‘Setas’ as they are known in Spanish. Their modern style has provoked a lot of debate within the city as some believe them to be eyesores. I personally quite like them.

Tickets were three Euros with a drink included. I ensured I asked the receptionist whether the free drink was ‘con alcohol’. It was so I was very, very happy.

We timed our visit pretty well so we could catch the sunset falling over the city. There weren’t enough clouds in the sky to get a proper picturesque sunset but the view was hardly ugly.



Photo creds to Irilena my awesome flatmate for the last pic.

We finished the evening with lots of Tinto de Verano con limone and cervezas whilst tucking into tapas. All in all, a great start to my unexpected holiday.





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