In Spain, there is a flamenco festival called Feria. Sevilla’s Feria de Abril is one of the most famous and beautiful. Sevillians really do get into it.

I work in a language school and during the week of Feria most children don’t turn up so I was given an unexpected week off right at the start of my internship. There was no excuse not to go to this fiesta.

Women dress up in traditional flamenco dresses and men wear suits. I did consider buying a dress and going all out but they are quite pricey at €100 each. Instead, I opted to wear one of my nicer dresses and put on some lipstick. You can also buy some cheap fake flowers to put into your hair to fit in with the locals. These ladies, were among the best dressed in my opinion. The detailing the dresses is very authentic with much craftsmanship- some genuinely looked as though they had come from the 19th Century.


I can’t really speak for Ferias in other Spanish towns and cities as I only went to the one in Sevilla.

In the day time there are horse carriages which parade through Los Remidos. Horses have to answer nature’s call so it is best not to wear your best shoes to the Feria unless you want to spend the next day cleaning them.

As nightfalls, the lights come on and everything looks glittery and magical. There are stalls with games and candy floss for children to play with


The tipple of Feria is called ‘rebujito’ a mix of sherry and lemonade. It doesn’t really taste of alcohol so be wary- it catches up on you. I thought I wasn’t particularly drunk but my headache the next day disagreed. At a public cassetta we got drinking rebujito out of tiny plastic cups which we kept filling up again and again.

We managed to get into a private cassetta where we drank more rebujito and I attempted (very badly) to dance the Sevillianas and Flamenco . Luckily my partners were patient and tried their best to teach me. The atmosphere is the tent was something else. Everyone was very merry and there was a live band playing traditional music. The floor was filled to the brim with dancers and everyone took part, laughing and swaying late into the night.

Sadly, I was very tired and decided to come home early at 3 am meaning I couldn’t watch the sun come up. It’s definitely an amazing cultural experience that tourists don’t often get to see because getting into a private cassetta requires connections. We were very lucky with the timing internship and this was definitely one of the best parties of my life.


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