Museo de Bellas Artes y Plaza de España

On a Saturday, I proposed going to see a bit of Art with a friend because with our EU passports the Museo de Belle Artes in Sevilla is free. The museum itself is a beautiful salmon pink building. It showcases the work of Spanish artists but more specifically Andalusian artists.

We made our way through religious iconography and richly detailed still lifes, stopping to look at the little patios and ceilings which were sometimes better than the art itself.


My favourite style will always be Impressionism and the more gestural brushwork which became popular in the late 19th Century. It’s truly expressive and I loved the more down to earth topics such as flamenco dancers and factory workers. Be sure to pick up a postcard as a memory from the gift shop.

It was quite late but Spaniards always eat and do everything a bit late so we decided to get some lunch. Whilst wandering around the streets we managed to find an amazing restaurant by chance called Mechela. I looked it up after and apparently it is very much in demand so you often need to book. It has a 4.5 rating on Tripadvisor and all! Alex and I were lucky enough to get a seat immediately albeit at the bar. My veggie lasagne was very reasonably priced at €6.00.


But of course, we were craving dessert which we found further out during our walk. I opted for a lemon sorbet whilst Alex went with the more traditional ‘churros con chocolate’ which is as good as it sounds. Warm, crispy, slightly salted donuts dipped into a rich sweet sauce. Sadly I don’t have a picture to make you salivate.

We then ventuted on to Maria Luisa Park for a nice walk in the shade but were distracted by Plaza de Españas which looked especially beautiful in the sunshine. It was time to take copious amounts of photos because we had a bright blue sky.


We read the name of each province and talked about whether we wanted to go there or not. We discovered there were many places we wanted to go to. Spanish tourists made sure they took a photo with the display of their hometown.

Finally, after drinking some overpriced but very much needed bottled water we went back to the cool park and explored around. There are horsecarriages and various types of bicycles that you can choose to ride around in. Two years ago, my parents had chosen one of these and mayhem ensued as they shouted at each other for their terrible coordination.


To avoid, that and the hiring charge we just walked and sat down when we were tired by a little pool.


There are more museums near the park and once again they were free so we chose the Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares. This one also had a lovely courtyard.


It was filled with fabrics and information about various processes like tanning, gilding and pottery. Definitely one for those interested in all things crafty and traditional. So make the most if you are ever in town and happen to have an EU passport because it is FREE!




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