Seven things I’m going to miss about Sevilla and five I won’t


I never thought that toast topped with olive oil, tomato and that all important pinch of salt could taste so perfect. I’ve debated whether you can recreate that experience in the UK but somehow it wouldn’t quite feel the same if you are cold and indoors. Tostada should be eaten outside with a cafê con leche served in a glass with your close friend or either by yourself.

Music everywhere

Sevilla can be noisy sometimes in a bad way when people shout on the street. However, I will definitely miss how so many streets have performers with guitars and flamenco dancers. You really don’t have to pay for traditional music sometimes.

Cheap food

Both from the supermarket and the restaurants and tapas bars. Going out in the UK will probably be a painful experience for my purse.

Riding a bike

My baby bici has carried me to and fro Plaza de Armas for work. But it’s also made me feel so much more mobile through the entire city. It’s made the city feel much smaller so I can explore much more easily.

Drinking outside at night

In Sevilla I didn’t freeze in a beer garden. I could easily sit around for hours into the early hours without a jacket drinking Tinto de Verano con lemon (another thing I’ll miss)

Being late

The interns and I really got into the relaxed way of life. Once I arrived fifteen minutes late to dinner and I was the first person there. It’s good to take things at a slower pace

Outdoor clubs

A real game changer which means you don’t feel sweaty and claustrophobic. Gives you the party island vibe in the middle of the city whilst dancing to reggae-ton


The things I won’t miss


Dog shit everywhere

Please clean up after your dogs.

Sweating profusely

Three showers a day is the average when temperatures go beyond 40 degrees celsius. There was little point in leaving shower when I knew I would have to go back there so soon. You have to accept arriving to work with giant sweat patches.

Lack of global cuisine done well

Tapas is great and there are some up and coming fusion tapas bars. Yet, I found that there weren’t enough decent restaurants for when you needed a curry or some noodles. In this respect, the UK wins.


The hustle and bustle is charming at first but after a while noise becomes a nuisance. Having sleep interrupted through loud shouting on the street and banging drums isn’t so fun.

Strange opening hours

It may not seem strange for those actually from Spain but I will never get used to the three hour break in the middle of the day which made shopping so difficult



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